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VeggieTales Wants Everyone To Complete the 2020 Census

Released:Jun 16, 2020


It’s critical for every child to be counted in the 2020 Census, given the count’s impact on funding for schools, health care services, food and housing assistance, and more in communities nationwide. That’s why we’re providing a fun, new way you can promote the count to adults with young children in their home: a video featuring children’s favorite VeggieTales characters!

An estimated 1 million children under age 5 were not counted in the 2010 Census. You can help prevent this from happening again by sending a message to encourage your students’ parents and caregivers to watch the two-minute video with their kids at home, which can help motivate them to complete the census. Ask them to join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and their VeggieTales pals as they talk and sing about the 2020 Census and the importance of counting young children—and discover how often Larry thinks he should wash his socks.

You can also remind parents and caregivers about our other engaging videos for young children, tweens, and teens, and tell them about the stories we’re posting on our SIS Pinterest channel. Most importantly, urge them to complete the 2020 Census at The 2020 Census is still underway, so send the message today.

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