CCC Members

The Census Complete Count Committee

Representatives of cities and towns in Payne County are encouraged to join the Complete Count Committee (CCC) to ensure as accurate a count for their community as possible.

If you are interested in serving, fill out the quick online volunteer form at

Interested individuals may also contact the CCC Chair Paula Dennison at 405.742.8214 or email

For 2020 Census outreach activities, contact City of Stillwater Marketing and Civic Engagement's Sherry Fletcher and Meagan Kascsak at 405.742.8219.

Key Dates for Outreach Activities

  • Education Phase is April to Dec 2019.
  • Awareness Phase is January to February 2020.
  • Motivation Phase is March to April 2020.
  • Post-2020 Outreach Phase



  • Alex Evers

  • Becky Taylor

  • Chris Peters

  • Chris Pixler

  • Chris Reding

  • Dana Remer

  • Delpha Whitefiled

  • Jason Shilling

  • John Mark Day

  • John Morgan

  • Justin Minges

  • Lanc Gross

  • Meagan Kascsak

  • Norma Jeanne Shamblin

  • Pat Jaynes

  • Paula J. Dennison

  • Sarah Wheatley

  • Shelly Andrews

  • Sherry Fletcher

  • Suzanne Reinman

  • Suzette Barta

  • Terry Brannon

  • Tim Huff

  • Tom Duncan

  • Trenton Inselman

  • Tricia Woodward

  • Yuki Clarke