$1,123 Loss for Each Person Not Counted

$1,123 Loss for Each Person Not Counted

The U.S. Census matters to Oklahoma. According to the GW Institute of Public Policy, for each Oklahoman not counted, it is estimated that Oklahoma loses a potential of $1,123 of federal funding each year for the next ten years.

Also, if Oklahoma's population is undercounted by one percent, Oklahoma loses a potential of $47.2 million in federal funding. In other words, $47.2 million Oklahoma paid in taxes is going to fund another state.

Why an Accurate Census Count is Important to Payne County

  • OSU Transit: "If an accurate census count shows 50,000+ citizens, it could bring more operational and capital funding for transit. We currently service 24 square miles of city limits; however, there is a potential that we could expand our routes and increase services for the elderly and others.

  • Payne County: "It's important to get an accurate census count. The numbers affect our legislative representation and eligibility for grants. You could say, we are in competition or that our needs are being compared with those of other states. Let's make sure those numbers are accurate.

  • Payne County: "

  • Stillwater Public Schools: "Strong economic development and a growing population helps Stillwater's quality of life. It helps recruit students and teachers to Stillwater and encourages graduates to stay in the community."

  • Stillwater Chamber of Commerce: "We are limited in which requests for proposals we can respond to. Although we are sure Stillwater's population exceeds 50 thousand, we can't compete for those projects because we are undercounted at census time."

  • City of Stillwater: "Population affects our eligibility as well as the amount of grant funding we can receive from USHUD Community Development Block Grants and from agencies like FEMA."