Complete Count Committee

What is the Census Complete County Committee?

Resource: 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Guide

Resource: 2020 Census Promotional Materials and Guidelines

When community members are informed, they are more likely to respond to the census. Through collaborative partnerships, the U.S. Census Bureau and community leaders can reach the shared goal of counting EVERYONE in 2020.

Complete Count Committees (CCCs) are made up of individuals and organizations to spread the word about the importance of the 2020 Census in their communities or special population groups. The purpose of complete count committees is to motivate every resident in their communities to complete and return their 2020 Census questionnaires.

The CCC program is key to creating awareness in communities all across the country.

  • CCCs use local knowledge, influence, and resources to educate communities and promote the census through locally based, targeted outreach efforts. 

  • CCCs provide a vehicle for coordinating and nurturing cooperative efforts between tribal, state, and local governments; communities; and the Census Bureau. 

  • CCCs help the Census Bureau get a complete count in 2020 through partnerships with local governments and community organizations.

Who can join?

Tribal, state, and local governments work together with partners to form CCCs to promote and encourage response to the 2020 Census in their communities. Community-based organizations also establish CCCs that reach out to their constituents.

What do they do?

A CCC is comprised of a broad spectrum of government and community leaders from education, business, healthcare, and other community organizations. These trusted voices develop and implement a 2020 Census awareness campaign based upon their knowledge of the local community to encourage a response. Some activities could include:

  • Holding CCC kickoff meetings with media briefings.

  • Participating in Census rallies or parades.

  • Coordinating Census unity youth forums.

  • Hosting Interfaith breakfasts and weekend events.

  • Encouraging the use of Statistics in Schools classroom resources.

  • Incorporating census information in newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, mailings, and websites.

  • Helping recruit census workers when jobs become available.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in serving, fill out the quick online volunteer form at

Interested individuals may also contact Stillwater Assistant City Manager Paula Dennison at 405.742.8214 or email