Who can I speak to about the Census

Census Central @ Your Library

The public libraries in Payne County are serving as resources about the Census. If you have questions or if you need access to a computer or phone to complete the Census, stop by one of these locations.

Look for this logo:

Census Central at Your Library Logo

The Stillwater Public Library, as Census Central, is only:

  1. Providing information about the census.
  2. Answering questions about the census process.
  3. Providing access to devices to complete the census.
  4. Providing “mechanical assistance,” i.e., how to use a drop-down menu, navigation to census website, etc.

The Library is the lead on getting the word out about the 2020 Census to the “Hard To Count” population and encouraging everyone to use the equipment at the Library to complete the census form. Library staff are trained to assist patrons in accessing information and websites.  Assistance with the census does not deviate from the library’s normal duties.

Who can I speak to about the Census?

The Complete Count Committee will be hosting pop-up events throughout Payne County through April 2020 to answer questions. However, you may visit any public library in Payne County and a librarian will help you.

Library staff are identified with their library name tags and are trained in assisting people to access the census bureau website to complete the form and to answer questions that arise regarding the census and timelines. During their help to people completing the 2020 Census, library staff DO NOT answer census questions for anyone; DO NOT ask for any of the protected information; DO NOT take or keep any personal information.

Need a Ride?

If you live in Stillwater and need a ride to the Stillwater Library, you can catch OSU's Scarlet Route Bus which stops near the Library. Simply show your Census letter to the bus driver and ride for free.

Got Questions about the Census? The Library has Answers Podcast

Listen to FYI Stillwater as guest Stillwater Library Director Stacy Delano discusses the library's role as Census Central and what that means.